Almost 30!!

January 2, 2017



Well, where do I begin?  I recently celebrated my 29th birthday on October 11.-LIBRA. For multiple reasons it was one to remember.  On one hand, I'm feeling blessed that I get to see 29 and I'm having a great time celebrating. On the other hand I began to self-reflect and analyze where I am versus where I thought I would be at 29.  


As my self-reflection continues, I begin to think "here I am, on the brink of THIRTY... What have I accomplished? Can I consider myself successful? I'm 29 years old, I have a BA in Business Administration from a prestigious university and a M,B.A. I have gone on to achieve significant merit within a Fortune 500 company. Yet, to be completely transparent, I'm still questioning my success. Is this common or normal? Where do I go from here? As you can tell by now, my thoughts are currently very scattered.


 I took inventory on what I have already accomplished over the last 29 years.  On a personal level I created this lifestyle blog.  On a  professional level, I worked towards a promotion at work.  That was all well and good, but I realized it was time to start having fun. I realized its time to start living!!  That meant doing things that made me happy and truly benefited me as a person.  Taking risk, living on the edge, with no regrets. 


My birthday was different this year, normally I am a gifts kind of girl. This year I decided I wanted to take a road trip up north and a cruise. This by far was the best birthday ever! I had created so many memories with the people I love.  Sight-seeing and spending time with friends was SOOO much fun.  I have plenty of pictures, some of which I will be posting below.  


I am excited about the last year of my 20's, what will it bring and most of all the memories I will create.  I found it very fitting to create a blog in order to capture all that is happening in Krissy's World!


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