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I work full time and also manage to have my blog full time. Many people have a goal to leave corporate America and manage their blogs full time. While that is certainly a great thing, it is not a goal of mine. I love the idea of having multiple things going for myself that are really mutually exclusive. I work in the insurance industry but my blog has absolutely nothing to do with insurance. Being able to create content I enjoy and having a career is very rewarding. Would I love to monetize on this platform? Heck yes! With time I sure will be able to do just that. I truly believe I can excel in both areas of my life!

I think of my job as my baby and my career as my mate. I need to make sure both are in good condition in order for me to feel the reward. Whether it is a promotion or simply a message from a subscriber asking me to assist them with starting a blog, I feel rewarded in both ways.

Managing my blog and working full time is indeed a balancing act. However, one way I do both and do them both well is by using the lessons I learn at work and sharing them on my blog. Another thing, I typically leave work at work so that creates more time for me to work on my blog. I try my very best unless it is outside of my control not to bring my work home with me. I stay until I am at a stopping point or completely done. I think creating those boundaries for both are very important. You may find me from time to time making a note about something I want to talk about or research while at work, but I do not work on my blog there. I like to be in my own space letting my creative juices flow!

With whatever your side hustle or passion project is, you have to create a system that will keep you on track and get the most out of your time. It is indeed an investment just like your day job. I have now incorporated a system especially for my blog. I have certain days I create content, schedule posts, attend events, etc. Sure this sounds a bit much, but I am a pretty structured person when I am focused on the end goal. In order for me to make sure I am staying on top of everything, I make sure I have a PLAN and EXECUTE!!

Don’t get me wrong. There are times where I do take a break and decompress from both to have mindless time. To me, that is very important. It prevents me from being repetitive, producing mediocre content, or getting stuck in a rut. I will take a day or two off from work to make sure I regroup and re-center. With my blog I will take some time off just so that I stay clear of my intentions, which are to both inspire and motivate.

There is nothing wrong with trying to do it all, especially if it makes sense and is something you see as rewarding. You can definitely hit your goals. Just know it takes time. I am really excited about sharing my views and perspective about working in corporate America, more specifically being a black woman in corporate America. I will continue to share my travel and crazy stories because you are still part of Krissy’s World (see what I did there).

With love,



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