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2023 Summer In Review

I may be the only person who is ready for summer to be over and done with. Wrap it up! Put it back in the plastic!! With fall just around the corner, I started thinking of all the things I did this summer. I was outside like a tree! LOL Seriously, this summer was a whirlwind. Before I get into the details, let me just say that it seemed to be the hottest summer I have ever experienced. Anyway, I kicked the summer off with a trip to one of my favorite places…..New York. *inserts Jay-Z HELLO BROOKLYN*. Typically I visit New York anytime between November- January. Going during the summer was a bit different from the weather to the overall activities. What made this trip so unique was the fact that my travel crew and I decided to make this one a 24hr trip(bucket list idea). I will just say, NEVER AGAIN! We planned and executed that trip all wrong. From one person hanging out in Philly the night before, to someone drinking a high caffeine tea the night before and barely alert throughout the day. That person was me! HAHA. The trip made me realize that I am no longer a 20 year old that can thrive off of minimal sleep!! Now even though we were operating on fumes, we had a great time! We walked the Brooklyn Bridge, toured Summit One, ate at Dallas BBQ, visited the Brooklyn Museum for First Saturday(this was my favorite part), checked out Ode to Babel for a little bit (and I do mean a little bit) of music, and of course grabbed cheesecake and pizza! Yes, all in 24 hours!! I am tired all over again from just reliving the moment! LOL. In all seriousness, we had a great time!

Around that same time, I relocated. I have been in my Architectural Digest bag when it comes to decorating. I love a beautiful space curated by me for me. I may toss in some holiday photos in future blogs. I attended a few graduations this summer which made me feel old. I watched my younger cousins graduate high school. WHEW!

Next on the agenda was going to Toronto to see Queen Bey!! I really enjoyed Toronto and am looking to visit again very soon, especially since it is a short flight from Charlotte! The food, vibe, and concert was great. I had to talk myself out of going to see Beyonce perform again. LOL

My sister, mom, and I took our annual mother/daughter trip to Hilton Head, which is always a blessing in itself. We get to hang out with her and do the thing she wants to do. This year consisted of pedicures and walking to the beach.

Sprinkled in June and July my family was hit with loss of loved ones, which is still sometimes hard to grasp. Just last month, we dealt with a loss of my oldest aunt.

During that month, I went on my first sibling trip to DC and Philly. My sister and cousin Shannon are my travel buddies. My brother always talks about how we don’t invite him (he would never go as much as we do). So we decided to put him to the test. We invited him to come up to visit family in DC and and then take a train ride to spend some time in Philly - check out my IG and Tik Tok on my time in Philly. I can’t wait to go back! Some of the best food I’ve had!

I wrapped up the summer by attending my cousin’s wedding and being asked to be in another cousins wedding! Love is in the air!

As I look back over photos and videos from this summer, one thing comes to mind. I am forever grateful for it all! I also think “damn girl, you did a lot” and I wouldn’t have it any other way- outside of the loss of loved ones of course. Summer, we had a time last night, but I am ready for an amazing fall.

Goodbye, Summer!


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