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Krissy's Book Club

One of the challenges I issued to myself at the beginning of the year was to read more. I decided that I would read at least one book a month. This has actually been a great experience for me. I read before bed, during work (shhhhh) and while travelling. Reading gives me a much needed break from social media. I am sharing the books I have read or am currently reading and a few of my thoughts about each one. I prefer the actual book versus eBooks. I guess I am old fashioned like that. I still fold the pages to mark my spot. I mean who needs a bookmark?!?!?!

The Year of Yes!- Shonda Rhimes

This was the first book to be part of my reading rainbow. Did you just sing the tune? Butterflies in the sky. I can go twice as high. No?!?! Ok, well back to the book. I was inspired to face new challenges and also set new levels of achievement after reading The Year of Yes. Being someone who likes to “stick to the script,” I find it a bit difficult to take risks. This book is definitely one that I can attribute to the change!

#GirlBoss- Sophia Amoruso

This book speaks a lot about work ethic and how to go after what you want. This book is a quick read, but still motivational and inspiring. #Girlboss is for someone who does not mind walking to the beat of her own drum. It is always good to get an entrepreneur’s outlook on life and what strategies were used to achieve success.

Black Privilege-Charlamagne Tha God

GET THIS BOOK!! Disclaimer, I am still reading it and I am from SC! It is taking me a little longer than normal to read this book because I keep rereading certain topics over for clarity or that AHA moment. No, Charlamagne is not revealing the secrets to success. It’s more like confirmation and it is inspiring just the same. It reveals a different side of CthaGod; a side we do not witness on his morning show or podcast. I keep saying, “Wow, he’s pretty smart.” LOL

What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast- Laura Vanderkam

This is a book based on interviews with a few successful people. This quick read is filled with inspiring stories from real people. It delivers a kick in the pants, a charge to GET UP! A lot of people get the majority of their personal development things done before many of us are even up. Guess I need to start getting up earlier, huh?

Seven Mile Miracle- Steven Furtick

This book is about the last seven sayings of Jesus Christ. It was written by the pastor of Elevation Church, which happens to be my church. If you are ever in the area, I strongly encourage you to visit. We started this series leading up to Easter Sunday. This book goes over seven valuable lessons that we must learn to better our relationship with God. In all honesty, this is one that I will have to go back and read again. (Insert why here) I love how easy it is to read, and also following along with the weekly sermons, I would think “Oh yes, I read that part. It makes sense now.”

Love Them All – Shannon Fersner

YALL! This book is sooo good and I am not just saying that because we practically grew up together. I read this book in three days! I missed going to the gym because I was so into it. It was hard to put down. I found myself saying, “I have to find out what happens next with Lyric.” If you are looking for an exciting book that will keep you on your toes, definitely pick this one up.

Currently, I am reading: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills- Workplace Lessons Smart People Wish They’d Learned Sooner- Peggy Klaus.

Yes, you probably see a common theme running through my book choices. I am looking for ways to become a more effective professional and this book is a great resource. I have highlighted so much content. One of my favorite takeaways is “When you can’t deliver, don’t say yes…but be careful how you say no.” In the corporate world, when you are asked by your boss to take on an assignment, you might think it is your time to show your manager your great work ethic. However, too many projects you will give mediocre performance and well who is that going to impress. I am guilty of finding it difficult to say no, but I am getting better at it. I used to think that “No” was a complete sentence and did not offer up any explanation. Since reading The Hard Truth, I now decline certain activities or events with a decent explanation.

What books are you reading? I will soon be in need of a new book, so please make suggestions in the comment section.



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