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Girls Trip!!!

WOW, what a movie! From the very beginning I was HOOKED; laughing and crying many times. Even those a lot of people went in groups to see the movie, I actually went alone as a way to decompress from a challenging week. It was well worth it!

This movie really made me think about my friendships with various people but mainly my college friends, or as everyone knows us, The Dolls. We have been joined at the hip since college orientation. Some even since kindergarten. We have definitely experienced our highs(becoming professionals in various industries) to the lows(losing very close family members). We have done it all!! One day I realized we don’t even hang out or get together like we used to. Our definition of a girls trip was South Carolina State Homecoming or CIAA- yes I know very adult like. We have been dealing with life changes, from moves, career changes, new ventures, to engagements, and babies(my baby Jonas) LOL.

Through it all, we have been very supportive of one another, literally just a phone call away. This is what I noticed in the movie that tied back to my friendships with my ladies: no matter how crazy the idea- we always have each other’s back.

This movie reminded me of myself. Pretty much every character had a piece of my life- from the working woman to the friend that has all the jokes(shocked I know). It showed how one person can seem like they are okay but truly are not. Too afraid to admit it or let it show in FEAR of being judge or looked at as less than. I can definitely say I have been "pretending" or "going with the flow" out of fear of distorting my image or again being judged for the mistakes that have been made. Now I DON’T CARE!! I have to do what's best for me and so do you!

Another thing I liked about the movie is the message that genuine friendships will last a life time. I know I have an eclectic group of friends/support group. Black Girls ROCK. We can do amazing things if we focus and give it our best. Why not pull your sister up when you make it happen? That’s what it is all about...SUPPORT each other! From Hidden Figures to now Girls Trip, there is something to say about black women.

Would I go see it again? ABSOLUTELY! Have you watched it? If not, GO!!! No the film.

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