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15 Minutes of FAME

Last weekend I participated in my very first interview. Yes me and why not? I am a very interesting person. The interview was conducted by author Shannon Fersner for her new YouTube channel "15 Minutes of Fame with Shannon." Initially I was thinking holy crap what am I going to talk about? Then I wondered if viewers would be able to understand me because of my southern accent. What if they understood me but don’t like what I have to say. The list went on and on. I almost said not now, let's try this later in 2018. I prayed about it. I mean Shannon was starting a YouTube channel and she wanted me to be her first guest. Not only it an honor, but I realized it would ultimately set the tone for interviews to follow. In Shannon's words, "You never forget your first interview!" YIKES!! Fast forward to the big day! I barely ate before arriving so not only was I nervous, I was also hungry. Nungry? Hervous? Hell I'm not sure what you call it, but I know it was not a good combination. Anyway, back to the interview. I wanted to see the questions and I also wanted to practice being in front of the camera. Would I do that nervous laugh I do when anxious. A million things going through my head. I pulled myself together, reviewed the questions and was READY to give it my best. The interview was such an amazing experience. I mean not only did I end up feeling comfortable, the interview challenged me to look at some things differently. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You're probably thinking well Krissy where is the interview. Check it out in the link below. Shannon is a STAR and made for Hollywood. Nothing but blessings to her. Don’t forget to subscribe to her new channel for future content. Love, Krissy

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