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Flashback Friday- On The Run II Review

Hi Yall!!

I know. I know. I come and I go and then I come back again.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went to Miami for the On The Run II Tour. The trip was a present for my niece who graduated from college in May. I know what you’re thinking: Krissy is an amazing aunt and you are correct. Anyway, back to the trip. We were so excited about seeing the GOAT and Jay-Z. Leading up to the concert, my sister, niece, and I communicated daily to express how READY we were to see the show. If you don’t know, I am a very big fan of Beyonce'. I love her music and how she is unapologetically herself. One fun fact: I do not see Beyonce in my home city. I travel to see her so that I can get a different experience and tour the city while I'm there. When I saw the tour dates, I knew I wanted to go to the Miami show.

The show was amazing, but I should not have to tell you that. I sat down only a handful of times, but only because I was HOT. I sung every song and I am almost a backup dancer, especially for the APE**** routine. The energy was phenomenal. Regrettably, I don't have much footage from the concert, because I was enjoying myself. You can tell that they both love what they do and most of all, each other. The chemistry throughout the show was very evident. I actually became more of a Jay-Z fan after this show. His stage presence was different this time. He was more engaging and seemed to really be enjoying the crowd. The dancers, band, and special footage throughout the show was phenomenal. The Carters let the fans peak into their private lives, which I know is something they hold sacred. You want to know what I thought was genius? They opened the show appearing to be coming down an elevator. As Cthagod says, "When you hold your truth and flaws, no one can take that from you."

Seeing Beyonce in concert makes you just want to get your life together. Who knew you could get life lessons from a concert? Here’s what I picked up while enjoying the Carters:

  • All relationships require work.

  • No matter if it is business or personal, if you want something you have to work hard for it and to keep it.

  • The grind doesn’t stop.

  • Beyonce is busy and you know, what? We all have the same 24 hours as she does. She is constantly thinking of ways to reinvent themselves or quite simply, to make more money. What is wrong with that? I feel as though we have been conditioned to think that having money is a bad thing. It really isn’t and I want more of it. That means I need to figure out where the money is and go get it.

  • Have fun!

  • There’s a quote about doing what you love and never having to work a day in your life. Beyonce looks like she is having so much fun entertaining us, so it doesn’t seem like a job to her. I need to have that same mentality. While I am where I am, I need to make the most of it and have fun. I have to put positive energy into the universe so that it can come back to me, tenfold.

Here are a few photos of from my trip

This is such a random fact, but we ate so well while in Miami. We made it to Mango’s, which was my favorite spot. I say was because it was quickly replaced by Puerto Sagua. I had the most amazing meal for less than $10. Those beans tasted like someone’s abuela was in the kitchen putting in work.

With Love,


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