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Krissy Takes the DMV

One of my Christmas gifts was a trip to the DMV to visit my sister and cousins. Let's just say this was an EPIC trip and a great gift. I was able to spend time with my family, as well as take in the DMV culture. I am not sure why I thought I would be able to get some rest at some point during this trip. I was so wrong. As soon as I took in the Maryland air, the adventures began! Hold on to your wigs and lashes as I covered so much in 2.5 days.

Our first stop was Iron Rooster, an all-day breakfast spot located in Annapolis. Think Naval Academy. The place was small and quaint. I ordered the basic breakfast fare of pancakes, turkey bacon and eggs. The food was so tasty and just what I needed to power up for the rest of my day. After breakfast, we braved the rain and headed for the mall. As much as I hate malls this time of year, I couldn’t resist the urge to go to my favorite store Zara.

Later that night, we met our cousin at a blues inspired restaurant, Blue Sunday Bar & Grill, that served wings and sushi. I was in heaven. They had a live band, which is my absolute favorite. I sang, danced, and ate rolls all night! Day one was a SUCCESS!

Day two started rather early (I paid for this the remainder of the trip). We got up and went to have brunch at Busboy and Poets. YALLLLL. This is my now favorite brunch spot. If you are ever in the DC area, you have to check it out. The atmosphere is so dope! They have a bookstore inside the restaurant. On some nights, they have live poetry. The food was amazing, the service was great, and the time spent was well worth it. With a full belly and a new book, we went to another mall. Okay, so shopping isn’t that bad. After hitting up Sephora, we ventured over to my cousin’s house.

Before going to dinner and the comedy show, we chatted it up a bit. Before get to Maryland, I had heard all about my cousin’s sangria. It is legendary. I was drinking it as if it was juice. BIG MISTAKE! That sangria crept up on me. I went to dinner feeling really good, if you know what I mean. We ended up having small bites before the show at Founding Farmers- a really nice upscale restaurant near the White House.

We had a really great time eating, laughing and drinking. It’s 10:00 and I was struggling to keep it cute and awake! We ended up walking to the comedy show which we were told was "around the corner." Well that corner took us 15 minutes to walk in heels!!!

The comedy show was a lot of fun. It featured Lil Duval, Earthquake, Kuntry Wayne and some other comedians that I had never heard of before. I laughed pretty much the entire time. Following the show, we went back to my cousin’s place. I really did think we were going to be calling it a night. Well I was wrong. So very, very wrong. We got back at about 2 AM and talked until 7. Yall!!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I am in the bed by 9PM. We had to be up at 9:00 to get ready for a drag brunch. I cry just thinking about the 2 hours of sleep I got.

When we arrived at the brunch spot Chateau Remix, I was a bit confused. I mean there was a church located right next door. Jesus be a soundproof wall and closed eyes. We got our brunch and the show began. It was so much fun watching Beyonce, Whitney, Diana Ross, and Lady Gaga perform. All I can say is wow!

This was such a great trip and an epic way to close out 2018. I cannot wait to hang with my family again. They are the absolute best.

Here are a few pictures, for more check out my instagram @krissysworld_

Stay tuned for the next trip!

Happy New Year

Love Krissy

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