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Right Until the Very End- Queen and Slim Review

I recently had the opportunity to see Queen and Slim. I have one word to describe this movie: DAMN. Before I give my review of the actual story line, let me talk about the overall movie. When I initially left the movie, I was soooo overwhelmed with emotions. Very raw emotions to be exact. While I thought the actors and production was great, I honestly became a bit annoyed with the movie as the days progressed.

Let’s get straight to it. After much deliberation, I realized I was not a fan of the overall storyline.

WHY CAN’T WE HAVE THE HAPPY ENDING THAT WE DESERVE. WHY CANT THEY PAINT A DIFFERENT NARRATIVE OF US. I am so over the same story line. You know the one filled with black trauma. Why do we have to continue to tell the same story of our lives? Why not something more refreshing, inviting, and motivating.

Another problem I had with the movie is the portrayal of the black woman. Why do black women have to be the tough ones all the time, damn!! I noticed that in the very beginning, she was the one to tell him that they would be okay. Talking him off the ledge and helping him to see a different approach by enjoying their last days together. It feels as though black women don’t have time to actually process, let alone express their emotions. We have to always be ON! Excuse me for wanting to take a break from being a strong woman and have someone be there for us as we are always there for others. Not bashing the movie, I just want to see something different from time to time. We live in this reality every day. Why not show something that could be? To me, this movie could have been so much more if there was a perfect love story of some sort.

I wrestle with the idea of why wasn’t there a different ending? Why can’t we have the happy ending? Why is it always a tragedy? I want to see two black people fall in love, with no stress. Not that no ride or die type of love that is displayed in this movie. Why do we have to endure so much and suppress our emotions? Again, I enjoyed the movie even though I thought DAMN, why is this always our ending? I am actually looking forward to the Issa Rae movie that sheds a different light on the Black love story. It looks organic, full of love and life. No trauma.

What are your thoughts on the movie?



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