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My Quick Tips: Working From Home

The majority of the world is now transitioning to a work from home life. While there is a benefit to this option, such as being in my own space, there is still a challenge for me. The challenge is consistently being productive. I have been an office employee since starting my career. I was used to a structured schedule, working in an office space and having limited open time. Now I am working from home and let me tell you, it’s been a transition. I want you all to be better prepared than I was so I’m sharing some of the tips I have adapted early on to make sure I am being productive while working from home.

1. Getting up and out of the bed! I am getting up, making up my bed, and getting dressed(in something comfortable). I even put on my brows. For me, getting out of bed, doing those things and sitting at my desk allows me to be more focused on my tasks for that day. I make sure that I am taking the proper breaks. I even take a lunch. Stepping away from my computer and breaking the monotony allows for a quick mental break! When I first started working from home, I would literally work from 9-5. I would skip lunch and barely get up for a restroom break. That was mentally draining. You know how they say when you know better, you do better. Well, I’m doing much better. I even step outside for a quick fresh air break. I never realized how much more productive I could be when I actually take a few minutes to myself.

2. Use the Pomodoro Technique Pomo-what?? LOL, yes I know. The technique uses a timer to break down tasks/work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short five minute breaks. After the 4 work session, you get to take a longer break. This one can be 15-30 minutes. I believe in a task list for everything (control freak). I use the timer on my phone to work on specific tasks that I have outlined on my to-do list. I close all apps (including social media), multiple screens, and turn off Tiger King on Netflix(CRAZY). I literally minimize all potential distractions. I focus on that one task until my time ends. With the many distractions my home, this method has been paramount to me being very productive. I feel so accomplished once I fully complete a task.

3. Stop Working At the end of the day, I make sure I shut down my laptop off at 5:00. I do not do any work after 5. It is very important for me. It allows me to still have a life after the workday. I will admit in the beginning, I would be glued to my desk- working into the evening, That was NOT a good habit. I got rid of that practice really quick. I use my evenings/nights to chat with family, enjoy outside, just chill, etc. I try to structure my day to have some sense of normalcy.

All in all, I want to make sure I am still being productive as well as balancing work and my personal life while working from home. I hope you are able to use one of my tips to incorporate in your work from home routine. The ultimate goal is to be productive, what are some of your tips?

With love,


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