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Can We Have It All?!?!?!

Confession: I am very late to the Insecure party. Late as in I binged watched all four seasons in one week. Actually within 2.5 days! Let me give you a little bit of a backstory. I attempted to watch Insecure about 2 years ago and I could not get with the hype. I was not convinced that this was the show for me. I was not into Issa’s dry humor (still not a big fan, but hey). Well, two years later and here I was watching all the seasons a week before the season finale’. As I watched, I kept wondering if it was really what we as people experience. You know, the rollercoaster of life. Are we are just so busy that we don’t see what is really happening with people around us, even ourselves? I was once very transactional. A checking it off the list kind of person. I would be so focused on getting things done, I didn't really know what was happening. I was just focused on getting shit done. The series really highlighted toxic friendships, challenging relationships, racial discrimination, as well as interesting family issues. All things which people deal with on a daily basis in some way. Based on where I am in life, I was able to look at this show from a different perspective.

Before I get to the point of this post, let me say that I was disappointed by the predictability of the finale. My niece called it before the episode even aired. Of course Condola (or Control, Alt, Delete as Black Twitter calls her) ends up dropping a bomb that will potentially change everything! Now to the reason you are here. Her announcement left me thinking: Why can’t Issa (or Black women for that matter) have it all? It never feels that we will be able to have all the things at once. Maybe you have a great career, but struggle in the relationship department. You may be great in a relationship, but have your share of challenges in advancing your career. You may even just not be hitting on any of these things. I definitely can relate to the feeling of not being able to have it all and be successful with it all. Recently, I have been doing a crazy balancing act with everything I have going on. Let me tell you. I am not Simone Biles. I have not been able to balance it all. Some areas in my life are lacking my attention, such as relationships. I am so focused on my career right now. Making sure I do my best has really caused my focus to shift. It hasn’t been intentionally, but it has happened. I find it a bit of a challenge to really have it all and not look like I am losing my mind in the process. It really resonated with me when Issa sat outside, staring into space, thinking about life. Here she thought she had it all figured out and then boom. I do think that one can have it all, however I don't think you can give 100% to each facet. Inevitably, that one thing will go lacking.If you disagree, please let me know how this is done! PLEASE!!

With Love,


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