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3 Fall Trends I'm Excited to Wear

Fall is my favorite season because of the fashion trends. I look forward to this time of year because I have fun dressing in the warm rich colors, layers, and boots. Let’s Get Into It!

Gothic Romance: This is probably one of the trends I am looking to tap into the most. Gothic Romance consists of: ribbons, lace, and leather- of course black and a deep red. Wearing lace taps into my inner bad *****. It elevates the sexiness of a woman.....In MY opinion!!

The color red: Red has been deemed the fall color of 2023. While I only own two red tops, I thought that I would focus on finding red bottoms. Not the shoes(they don't count) ...LOL. Think a red leather skirt, red pants, red boots, etc. I would accentuate all of that with a red lip. That for sure will have me in formation with the fashion girlies. As much as I still stand by red doesnt do much for my skin tone(mainly tops), I am willing to test it a bit with the items mentioned. I am looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and adding these items to my wardrobe.

Sweater Weather: This may seem like a no brainer given the temps, but this is a bit different. It is the type of sweaters that will be trending, such as: sheer, metallic, crochet, v-neck, open knit, and 3D floral rosette. Yes, all these types of sweaters truly exist and I currently have half of the ones mentioned. Sweaters are so fun because you can dress them up or just keep it really comfy. I like the versatility of sweaters.

There are so many fashion trends for Fall 2023. I am sure I will latch on to others, but these are the ones I am choosing to focus on to kick things off the season. Fall is a play it safe or dare to live time for fashion. It is totally up to you!!

With Love,



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