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Have you given yourself too much grace?

Hey Yall! Like most people, I started this year off with so many plans and goals. I even went the extra mile to break them down into quarters. It all seemed great. I was extremely motivated, determined, and ready to mark things off my list. Some things I was able to check off and others well, they have now rolled into 2nd quarter. Thus making the list a bit longer. I did a check-in on my goals at the beginning of March and realized I wasn't going to hit one goal in particular. I said to myself "give yourself grace. You have done other things." At that moment it was a sigh of relief. I let my foot off the gas a bit. Actually, not a bit but completely. I didn't even TRY to knock it out of the park and use that as ammunition to get it done. NOPE.

Fast forward to April, I was having a conversation with my cousin when the topic of giving yourself grace came up. I cringed a bit. I knew that when I said I was giving myself grace, I was using it as a way to not get things done, ultimately giving myself a pass for not staying consistent. I now feel that when I hear that statement or when I have used it, it isn’t to benefit the situation or give someone credit. It sounds like permission to take a break and to lose focus on what was to be accomplished. My sister and I traveled last month and I asked her what she thought of the phrase. She stated, "I don't think it is a bad thing. You have to know how to balance it." WHOA, okay girl. She even gave me a few examples. "Oh I didn't lose 5lbs this month, but that doesn't mean I stop with my regimen and start eating all the things." I totally agree. It is you vs. you. Thanks, Sistie!

Giving yourself grace should not be used as a pass to become complacent, which I was definitely guilty of earlier this year. Acknowledgment that you have faltered and then get yourself together. "Okay I didn't get it done by the deadline, but it still needs to get done." No matter how long it may take, get it done! Give yourself grace, followed by an immediate kick in the ass to accomplish the goal!

Happy May!

With Love,



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