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My Morning Routine

Now that fall is here and the time change is around the corner, I think it is important to have a morning routine. I have been implementing the same morning routine for about 2 years constantly. I feel that when I start my day with intention I have more control over my day. If I hit the alarm and jump into the day, I feel like I am rushing through my entire day. Now that time is changing and we won’t have a ton of sunny days, having a morning routine can also be an instant mood boost. Seasonal depression is around the corner. I am going to share what I do each morning. This routine is done during the week. On the weekend I may take a different approach.

6:00AM my first alarm is going off. As soon as I wake, I pray a prayer of gratitude. The prayer may not always be the same. I then proceed to do a meditation. I prefer guided meditations via YouTube. Whichever one pops up first on my timeline is the one I typically use. They average between 5-15 minutes.

6:30am-Reading a daily devotion via my bible app. These are quick reads that I have curated for things I feel like I need to work on: fear, stress, trusting God, prayer, etc. You name it, there is a daily devotion for it. Next, I setting my intention for the day. It can be as simple as “I intend to have a great day”

7:00AM my second alarm is going off with a affirmation/mantra listed as well. Now it is time to hit the floor. Not once have I looked at social media. In all honesty, I don’t care what happened while I was sleeping LOL. I will find out at some point in my day. Beginning my hygiene is next along with listening to a sermon, gospel song, or a motivational speech, again, via Youtube!

8:00AM is my coffee/breakfast time. Then I start my work day around 8:30am

This routine has been very instrumental to my well being! Some other items I have implemented (depending on the day) are my 2 mile walk while listening to my playlist and going to the gym. That part hasn’t been very consistent but I’m working on this.

It may seem like a lot, but I challenge you establish a morning routine. It is the best feeling. I start my day less stressed and I feel as if I have more command over my day. Obviously, there are things outside of my control and that is fine. As the days get longer and nights get shorter, I know my morning routine will save me from the blah of many fall/winter days. What is your morning routine? If you just hit the floor after you’ve hit snooze for the 3rd time, that is your business. I am not judging. *side-eye* Overall, the goal is to take a minute for yourself before the day takes over and time gets away as it has a tendency to do.

With Love,


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