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Summer is Here....Y'all Outside?!?!

Summer is here! Honestly, the weather in S.C. feels as though we are already have been in summer for a while!! It is HOT! Well whether you are having a hot girl summer or a warm lady summer*raises hand*, we should all look and feel good while doing it. I have a few items that I want to share. Let's call them summer must-haves. I am calling my style for the summer, relaxed yet chic. I am into flowy, rich colors and prints. This comes as a surprise to me. I have been afraid to do color- bright colors. I made excuses like they don't do well against my complexion. Well, that is a lie. I wear my clothes; they don't wear me. Check out a few of my summer must-haves.

Caftan- It's giving Rich Auntie Vibes

My sister purchased this particular caftan from an influencer named Lexi. I live in this thing! It is so comfortable, good quality, and I am obsessed with the print. When I wear it, I feel amazing! Where is the glass of wine?!?

Dresses- I'm vacation ready!

When you need fast fashion- Target is your place. I picked up this black and cream, geometrical designed Christopher John Rogers from Target. He launched his line with them and the girls went in!! I was able to grab this one and I love it!! The split is the cherry on top!

My long dress makes me immediately think about the ocean breeze on a beach with white sand. I really need a trip. I am so excited to wear this with some added accessories! It is extremely comfortable. I can enjoy all the eats and drinks and not have to worry about feeling restricted!

Fragrance- Sweet and Light

Of course, what is any must-have list without my favorite thing ever- FRAGRANCES! Here are a few that I will have in rotation this summer. These are long lasting, great sillage, and high and low end. When you look/smell good, you feel good!

Accessories- The Added Bonus

Some days when you don't want to do too much with your clothes, always remember accessories are what is needed. You can dress up/down any look just with a few pieces. Summer favs are shades and jewelry. I have an arsenal of sunglasses! They put a bit of spunk and bad assery on any fit! Jewelry brings out the fit- all the time. Being that I have short hair, I am pretty detailed with my earrings. They help to accentuate my style and they are sometimes one of the first things folks see and compliment.

What are some of your summer favs?!

With Love,



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