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Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!

Hey y'all! I know this topic has been floating around lately and it definitely resonated with me. DISCLAIMER- This will look different to everyone. Like most of you, I haven’t been on a real vacation since 2019. That's not like me. I was always on the go. Well COVID changed all of that. For over a year, I was in the house bored. Your girl was restless. I needed to get away. My sister was on spring break and she mentioned coming down to visit. At first, I wasn’t too worried about making plans. She’s my sister so we can do nothing. Just kidding. She is more cautious than I am so I began to think of what we could do that will be fun, yet remain as safe as possible.

I love nice scenery so we decided to take a quick trip to Asheville, NC. I love this place, from the art, food, people, and mountain views. During our time there, we checked out a few local eateries and stayed at Omni Grove Park Inn. We also had a day at their spa. There is a “no electronics” policy at the spa. I appreciated not being tied to my phone for a few hours and just relaxing and enjoying the moment. Having time at the spa was probably one of my favorite moments. I was able to escape from reality for a bit. It was just the treat I needed.

From Asheville, we headed to Charlotte. While there I did a little bit of shopping. Back in February, I decided to give up shopping until April. This was tough coming from someone who would order random things from Amazon just because I could get the items in two days. I successfully completed my fast as well as a major project I was working on. I treated myself to a few things. Again, I work hard.

During our trip, we talked about how important it is to treat yourself. We have been through a lot!!! We work hard, so it's only right that we reward ourselves. One thing we know for sure, life isn’t promised! I love to say “tomorrow will take care of itself. Be in the moment.” Yes, we have long-term goals, but that shouldn’t have any bearing on what we do NOW! I couldn’t imagine working soooo hard and not being able to enjoy anything. I truly believe that you need to take time to reset, relax and treat yourself. Spa days and shopping may not be what you need and that's ok. You get to define it however you want. I simply urge you to take a moment and give yourself some TLC. How do you plan to treat yourself?!

Make memories, they last forever!


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