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What I would tell myself in my 20's

Hey Yall! Happy New Year. Y'all alright? *In my Tabitha Brown voice*

This year is very special for me. I will be turning 35!!! Before we get into that, let me start by saying that I recently watched the Netflix show, Twentysomethings, Austin, TX. The show is about 8 young adults moving from various states to Austin, Texas. They move to Texas in hopes of following their dreams in fashion, comedy, modeling, etc. In just the short time it took to watch, I learned a lot of lessons. Lessons that I myself may have missed when I was in my twenties. I am excited to be turning 35. It is much different from when I turned 30. When I turned 30, I was sooo nervous about leaving my twenties and joining the 30s Club. I actually dreaded the day. As 35 approaches, I am embracing the age. All lessons learned of course.

Lesson 1: Take the risk!

For many of the cast on the show, moving to Texas may have meant going against their family wishes, their own self-doubts, and some of their wildest fears. This resonated with my younger self when deciding whether I should take a job in Austin, TX once I graduated college. I was excited about the opportunity; however, my mom wasn't very thrilled about her baby girl moving hours away from home. She never said it directly, but it was just a feeling that was understood. The hesitancy was there and ultimately, I didn't take the job. I know she would have been supportive, but I decided against it. To this day, I think what if, even to the point where I am considering Texas as a place to live one day.... maybe soon. Look at the risk as an opportunity!

Lesson 2 Consistency is key!

If you want to be good at something, you have to be consistent with it. I have had many things I "loved" doing, but if it didn't pan out when I wanted it to, then I would stop. That is not the way to see your dreams come true. If you truly believe in your craft, stay consistent with it. Eventually, it will pay dividends! This reminds me of the episode with Michael. He is pursuing his dreams of becoming a comedian. He tries standup a few times and it doesn't work out. The crowd basically ignored him. He gets discouraged, but he doesn't give up. This is major! It may get hard, but anything is possible if you are consistent and you believe in yourself! Stay passionate about what you do!

Lesson 3 Always stand up for yourself!

Never let anyone tilt your crown. Always stand firm in what you believe, display confidence, and command respect no matter what. Yes, there will be things you don't agree with, but never let anyone persuade you that your thoughts or opinions are less than valuable. At the end of the day, you are your greatest ally and biggest fan. Speak up for yourself, even when it feels uncomfortable. You are a BADASS!!!

If you get a chance, check out the show. It is quite entertaining, yet still full of moments of learning. I enjoyed the season and the bit of self-reflecting that I did after I completed the show. What are some things you would now tell your twenty-something year old self???!!


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