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Who Inspires You?

I am always impressed when I read stories about women who have made a name for themselves through hard work, resiliency, and faith. Before going on about women that I have never met, I have been blessed to be surrounded by strong Black women that truly inspire me on a daily. The most beautiful part of it all is they are from all walks of life. Their journeys have shaped my mindset on many different things, they inspire me to dream bigger.

First and foremost is my mom. She is my shero. My mom has weathered many storms. She's a silent giant in my eyes. I think she’s where I get my personality, character and infectious heart from. She has inspired me to do my best even when I feel no one is looking, that's my girl. The other woman in my family who inspires me is my aunt. She is the true meaning of Black Girl Magic! Every time I speak with her she reminds me of how important it is to show up for myself in the workplace, gives me the kick in the a** when I need it most, best ways to save and invest in the future, yet still enjoy the finer things in life. So grateful, indeed.

The story is much the same for women whom I have never met… least not yet. Some of them are Oprah, Ava Duvernay, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, and Elaine Welteroth. These ladies are from different walks of life and work in various industries. They inspire me for different reasons. Beyonce sets such high standards for herself and her craft. Oprah values her time and how she spends it, is an avid reader, and is connected to herself. I admire Ava Duvernay’s support of Black women in film or her ability to story OUR stories. Michelle Obama…I mean does this really need an explanation. She is a strong, college educated Black woman who carries herself with such grace. Her desire for us to be better is inspiring. Elaine Welteroth’s ability to navigate the beauty magazine world while staying true to herself and defining what she wanted her career to look like motivates me every day.

I received a text from a dear friend that read: “Hey won the Honors Circle Award(which is a high achievement award) and thought about you, I felt a sense of gratitude- you helped me more than I think you realized and I wanted to share. I really appreciate everything.” I responded, “we did it, Joe” LOL. Before telling her how proud of her I was and how appreciative I was for the text and the message. Sometimes you never know who you inspire… J

I think that it is super important to feel inspired. These women have either led the charge, paved the way, or laid out the blueprint for me. They make me want to be a better version of myself. I have been a student of all of these women at one time or another. The advice they have given has been stored in my toolbox. Whenever I need to get my shit together, I just open it up and do the work. I am forever grateful for them. Surely you have someone in your life who makes you want to be better. I would love to know who that person is. So tell me who inspires you?

With Love,



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