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Now That We Are All Settled In...

I know I'm late, but Happy New Year! I was excited to reset and start fresh for the new year, and I did. There are new ideas and new things to achieve for 2017. There is no real timeline or specific date I want to get things done- my main focus is to just finish whatever I start! Over time, I am hoping that these things become a habit or lifestyle. I don’t have many goals for 2017 , but the few that I have are realistic ones.

I made a few bullet points of my resolutions (we love that word so much) that I would like to share:

  • Being more intentional. This is very important to me. Often times I find myself doing things that may not add a lot of value to who I am or my purpose. This may sound selfish, but there are times when I am not totally sure how I am actually benefiting from some of the things that I do. I am more consumed with being transactional that I am not absorbing or living in the now- I’m just so focused on getting it done. Being intentional to me would mean knowing why I am doing something and also why I choose not to do something and being totally okay with the outcome. I am creating a lifestyle that is more meaningful and fulfilling, whether it be through networking, volunteering, increasing my faith, or learning a new skill set. 2017 finds me embracing my flaws and all, learning that imperfection is okay, no one is perfect.

  • Explore new things, SAY YES. Okay I know bullet one and two may seem totally opposite of one another, but let me explain. I am someone that plays it safe alllll the time. I don’t do last minute (even though someone has rubbed off on me.) I am a planner and I like structure. Well that has possibly hindered me from a lot of opportunities. I am because of being too concerned with the unknown. I am slowly adapting the JUST DO IT attitude (with things of value of course) stepping out of my comfort zone. You never know just how good things can be if you don’t give it a try. STEP OUT ON FAITH!!

  • My word for 2017 is consistency. We live in a world of instant gratification. I want to see the results NOW, well that’s not exactly how this thing called life works. Learning to be patient and fully see things through is something I am working on this year. Many times I wanted to start a blog, but felt as if I needed all these gadgets before I could start. I wanted it to launch and get all these followers, and be well known for my content- thinking too far ahead versus focusing on the moment. All I really needed was content and to post my work (well I needed a website). It was more of a reality check for me that great things take time, a lot of bumps and turns, but remaining consistent is the key. I am learning to operate more with gratitude, this is what I feel keeps you humble and trusting the process. Stay passionate!

2017 is a year of abundance and longevity in my life. I’m pretty excited at the start of the year and all the things that are ahead. I’m ready for it ALL. Prepare, Plan, and Pray are my keys. A focused mind and a willing attitude is all you need to get started. What is your word for 2017? What are you speaking over your life?

Love Always,


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