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Hello 30!

Well I am sure you all are aware I am the big 30, and being 30 is off to a great start! I had a very eventful and action packed October(which is why this is late--reallll late), from celebrating friends' birthdays, my birthdays, volunteering, traveling, and attending homecoming! WHEW! So much happened in October and it led me to a new mantra: To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.~ Oscar Wilde. In just these past few days, I realized there is more to life than just surviving, being transactional or going through the motions. Stop and take a moment to bask in the moment of this thing called life.

Even though I have been super busy, there have been moments where I stopped "to smell the roses" literally. Appreciating what is happening in that very moment has provided me with a new perspective on life and a sense of determination. Literally choosin

g to LIVE is a choice that comes at no cost. Creating memories is what it all about. Wouldn’t it be a detriment to you to look back on your life and there is nothing to reflect on, no stories to tell, nothing. Yea I know that doesn’t seem ideal. It definitely isn't what I want for my life. I am out here trying to live my best life every day. Here are some of the things I do that you can try as well: Forget yesterday, nothing more you can do, start today with a fresh start( I am big on affirmations)- what are you willing into your life TODAY. Quit complaining- don’t spend time exuding negativity into the universe. Trust me, it gets you no where. Create your own opportunities. Take chances. So what if you fail? Try something else. Set goals and crush them. Make a vision board, bucket list, etc. Forget what Drake said. Say yes to new friends. Create a tribe of BADASS Women(or men). Be very deliberate. Don't just do things to say you did them. It is okay to say NO or take your time SLOW DOWN Be spontaneous- take chances, try new things, travel. These are some of the things I have adopted into my daily routine to make sure that I am maximizing my time on things of importance and truly enjoying LIFE. What are some of yours? With love, Krissy

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