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New Year, New Hustles... Same ME

You know how the saying goes: New year, new me! Well what will be so different this year that will set it apart from years past? For me, there won’t be a "new" me, but there will definitely be new goals to achieve.

I met with my blogging best, Ashlei , over coffee in order to discuss what 2018 would look like for us. We talked about our professional and personal lives, as well as what we wanted for our blogs. We even spent some time reflecting on 2017. We discussed our successes, as well as the challenges we faced last year. These conversations led us to focus on how we wanted to get better or evolve, my word for 2018!!!

Instead of the usual year long outlook, we switched it up slightly and decided to have quarterly goals. I like the way better because I feel as though setting yearly goes allows Mr. Procrastination to creep in and pay you a visit. Boy bye!!!! You are not welcome here!!!! After some bad coffee and lots of laughs, I came up with three goals to achieve by the end of each quarter: more time working on my blog (because it’s my YEAR), more input in my career, and cultivating and leveraging my personal relationships.

Goals do not have to be a long drawn out list of things that you check off. They should be things you can look back and deem value added. Not for a long post, but one that will help to get your year started in the right direction. What are some of your goals?

Blessings to you!

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