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Dear Sister,

This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a women's brunch in Charlotte, NC. I was told about this event from a friend and decided I would attend. This was actually one event that I was looking forward to, just because I had heard so much about how successful and motivating the prior year's event was. This event didn’t disappoint. There were vendors, a DJ, brunch and awesome presenters. We discussed investing in and protecting your brand and ideas, financial well being, mental health, and getting in alignment with your passion and purpose. The speakers did a great job, discussing their profession on various topics and discussing ways we all can find freedom in each sector. The biggest takeaway was that women of color feel like we have to be in competition with one another and that should not be the case. As we climb, we should be lifting other women up in order to help them reach their goals and true potential.

The speakers were so relatable. It was like girl talk: to the point and transparent, which I can respect. There was a discussion about not keeping things bottled up and trying to go through it alone. We need to be okay with going through something(life, depression, questioning self worth) and being able to talk to someone outside of your circle who will truly understand and give you proper guidance. It is not a sign of weakness. Seeking help is a sign of strength. It's OKAY. There is power in numbers. If we come together, we would easily be exposed to limitless living!

I enjoyed learning about self-care. I mean if you don’t take care of yourself first, then who will. You cannot pour into others if you yourself are empty. *Insert shouting music* One nugget I say often and was mentioned at the event was that if you travel, you know the stewardess will tell you in the event of the emergency, you place the air bag/mask on yourself first before helping someone else. I think there are so many lessons in that statement alone. If you are busy caring for others you lose who you are and the opportunity to give yourself the love and care you need. Don’t be so busy pouring into other lives to the point you become an empty vessel and not receiving anything in return. We are MAGIC!! WE ROCK!!!

At the end of the event, we wrote a note on a post card to exchange with a woman in the room - an encouraging word to read on those days you just are not feeling motivated. At the end of the event, we made a toast to 2018 for great things, working together, and limitless living. I am so excited about 2018!

Dear Sister,

Time to live your best life. Take those chances, live in the moment, learn from your mistakes, make more mistakes, and learn again. Life is to be lived, you own it! From the home to the boardroom, you are capable of doing it all. If no one believes in you, I DO!! I got you sis!

With love,


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