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2018 Summer Essentials

SUMMER is officially here, even though it has felt like summer since April! If this recent heat wave is any indication, it will be a blazing hot summer. I want you to be prepared when dealing with hell's heat, so I put together a list of my top 5 must haves!! Sunglasses, I am becoming a collector of sunglasses. Some of my faves are Quay, Ray Ban and Diff. Whether it is jeans and a white tee or a maxi dress, sunglasses are a must! Block the haters, I mean the sun :-)

Bright polish I am a avid nail care person. I get my nails done every two weeks (Shout out to my nail tech: @buffsalon). I am the typical white toes polish and a bright color in the summer girl. I love a bright pink or even yellow. This is also something I have fun with for the summer time! Sandals, I have been obsessed with Zara as of late. I recently purchased 3 pair of sandals in one visit. I have received tons of compliments on my sandals. They are not only comfy but trendy as well for a pretty decent price.

Hand bags Im a fan of smaller handbags. They can really make your outfit pop. The new trend now is the wicker bags. This is my cute summer pick, the black style of the bag. LOVE IT!! Skincare The sun can be brutal on our skin. Keeping up with a good skin care regimen is paramount for healthy glowing skin. We need our melanin to be popping! My fav face wash is Youth To The People-Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser and also a good mask is My Origins 10 Minute Mask!! Obsessed with these two things. What are your summer must haves? Let me know in the comments. With love, Krissy

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