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Shift and Pivot

Lately, I have been reading books, articles, and listening to podcasts on the idea of moving outside of your comfort zone to reach your full potential. I know some people will remain in their current careers, relationships, etc. because it is safe or makes the most sense to them. They never unlock their greatest potentials and achieve the lives they are meant to live. I have learned this lesson from my inner circle. They are taking leaps of faith and really pushing themselves to live their best lives. Their stories have been inspiring. My friends are finding their purpose in life and are walking in it.

It can be done and here are a few things I think are critical when it comes to shifting/pivoting:

*You have to be okay with doing the grunt work. Starting fresh (never over) will take some ground work and a lot of time and dedication. You may be entering uncharted territory, so do your research. I am not that adventurous to allow things to just happen. I appreciate living on the edge but I need somewhat of an idea. Does that mean figuring it all out? No, but it does mean having some general idea of what you want.

* Always look at the glass half full. There will of course be an adjustment period so you must remain positive. Protect your energy and space when you are beginning to shift into a new atmosphere.

*Get to know the real you. Re-evaluate your expectations and non-negotiables. Take some time to spend time getting to know you. It’s okay to LIVE!!

*Embracing the change- change is inevitable, it is being able to run with the change is how you will truly see the value in the decisions you make.

*Get READY!!

I have come to grips with the fact that you have to take risks in order to have greater returns in life. I heard on a podcast to first ask, then take. If you feel as though you deserve more, then GO GET IT!! Anything you can dream of or remotely desire is yours. Don’t become complacent and settle because you have been told that you only deserve what you currently have. You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Where will you go?!!

Don't get discouraged:

All that to say: Plans change. Things shift. Don’t get flustered. Get resourceful.

"Work with what you have where you are. Do your best, and learn lessons along the way. "~Claire Sulmers

With love,


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