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Bridesmaid not Bride~ God Mother and not Mom

2018 I have seen many of my friends enter a new phase in life. I was there as two of my best friends married the loves of their lives. I have been asked many times if I am tired of being a bridesmaid. My response has always been -no. I have seen firsthand from my friends that the planning and execution of a wedding is really no JOKE and takes a lot of patience. I salute all brides and am in no hurry to become one. It is not just because of the planning. I am selfish and I do not think I am ready to share half of the bathroom counter space just yet. However, because I have been in a few weddings, I do have thoughts of what life will look like for me in the next 2-3 years. Is it marriage and babies or will I be chilling alone at home in a robe with my cat? *Screams internally*

I also became a godmother of two babies! Krissy loves the kids! I am super excited about this role. Don’t believe me? Just check my shopping cart on Amazon(my godsons birthday is around the corner). It is filled with toys and learning activities. I have always had reservations about having kids. I have been focused on my career and other goals. I wanted to do everything I wanted to do, go everywhere I wanted to go and be everything I wanted to be before having kids. Being a godmother (and aunt) gives me the opportunity to get a glimpse inside motherhood. Some of it looks good and other things makes me want to take a double dose of Yaz.

Do I feel pressured to be in a different space? No. Do I feel like I am missing out? Absolutely not. The reality for me is that it is okay to be right where I am at this very moment. I at one point began to feel pressured with what others around me were doing and what the social media clock projected for 30 year old women. I have sense come to realize things happen on God's timing, yes you need to get in a position to receive those changes, but there is no need for me to rush anything. When it happens I will fully embrace it and be the best that I can be in both areas.

~Do you feel any pressures to be a different version of yourself based on your surroundings or what society may tell you?

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