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You Got This Sis!!!

I was talking to my best friend De'Korcia (hey girl) on yesterday. Typically on Sundays, we goal set for the week. Even though we don’t live in the same state, I still consider her my accountability partner. Sooo anyway, while we are chatting I told her that I am just in a funk about stepping out on faith with this particular venture. She told me that fear will keep you in bondage.

My edges may have receded because I wasn’t expecting her to say that to me. For one, De’Korcia is as sweet as pie. Actually she can be a little sassy at times, but she typically will tell me in the nicest of ways to get it together. After getting over the shock, I realized that she was right. If I keep limiting myself and placing boundaries on my faith, I will never know if I can accomplish a goal or how good at it I will be. That quick sermon from Rev. White left me feeling instantly recharged. If we have a mindset of fear or can’t, then we will never get to experience LIFE. Cut off self-doubt and the thought of what people may say. Who TF cares!?!?!? Just wanted to drop that in your spirit to start the week off right.

Set a goal for yourself. Get the ball rolling. Plan it, pray, then execute.

In the words of my friend, “Get it together, Sis. You’ve got ish to do!” The world is waiting on you!! Are you ready to LIVE a LIMITLESS LIFE???

With Love,


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