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A Male's Point of View

As you may remember, my last post spoke about the 5 love languages from a woman's point of view. Well I guess what? I spoke with a few men and shockingly enough, their responses were pretty much in line with the ladies. Shocker!! Not really because men know what they want. They just act crazy. Sorry boo, I said what I said. When I posed the same scenario to a few men, their responses went something like this:

Guy #1- I will say this conversation made me laugh and made me think a bit. Everyone doesn’t show bundles of love. I may say things like your hair looks nice, but I am not an affectionate person. I do ask how is your day. I do show interest, however I am not the one that will show you by touch. Per guy #1, my mate has to show me something. If they don’t show, it's time to go. I would say to sum it up, there has to be some sort of display of affection.

Guy#2 I don’t think love can truly win at the expense of someone's happiness. I personally feel that there are red flags with someone not being fully committed to me. This will definitely play an important role during difficult times. Your mate is pretty much saying, "I am only going to give you what I have, and I am not willing to change nor try to change for you. And you are going to have to just deals with IT.” WHAT??!! Where is the value? In my opinion a person does whatever it takes(or at least show an effort) to get what they truly value. PERIODT! His words not mine. Hahaha!

Guy #3 I am not use to being consistent with a love language. I don’t feel that I need to tell someone they are pretty, give gifts, motivate them, etc. I want a strong independent woman that I can build with. I just know I love the person and want to be with them- that is what matters the most. Since, I am not used to that, I would need my mate to call me out and really help me to get to that place where she wants me to be.

Guy #4 I mean love is different for men and women when it comes to showing it, but usually you can see a strong effort of love in some kind of way. It’s not as always as picture perfect as people think. You have to ask yourself, are you willing to deal with whatever he is not doing for the rest of your life? If not, then you should back off. Are you overthinking it and want it done a certain way and only that way… that is not realistic. If you have made it clear and there is no change, then you are wasting your time.

Which guy do you agree with?

I will say that after talking to these men, one thing for sure...most men get it! They know what it takes and for the most part, will do what it takes. We have the proof above. There is a general thought from both men and women that love should be shown. It is really up to you how much you settle/compromise in order to be with someone. Of course like Guy #4 stated, it will not be easy but you will need to make those things very clear in the beginning and it will be up to you to ultimately get what you want. We all know how we want to be treated and ultimately loved. Do what is best for YOU!

Love, Krissy

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