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The Year of Transformation- Oprah 2020 Vision Tour- Charlotte, NC

The day finally arrived where I would meet one of the biggest influencers in my life, the Oprah Winfrey. From spending years watching on the television screen to now seeing her live for the first time in my city at the Spectrum Arena seemed so surreal. I gathered along with 15,000 other friends to spend the day learning from Oprah and other guests such as Laila Ali, Amy Schumer, Julianne Hough how to transform our lives mind, body, and spirit.

The day started with music that got everyone on their feet. I immediately felt energized. Thanks to @dybrkr, a global morning dance community, we were up and dancing, ready to enjoy an incredible day of wellness and inspiration. I could literally feel the atmosphere shifting to a higher vibration. Then finally, the moment we all were waiting for: “HELLLLLOOOOO Charlotte” Oprah took the stage. It felt like one of Oprah’s Favorite Things episode: screaming, cheering, hugging and a few tears and that was just me. Immediately after the introduction, we got straight to work in our workbooks, completing a self-assessment. Oprah walked us through an array of questions that related to wellness, work, and relationships. We had to grade ourselves to determine where our focus needed to be. The intent was to help us become our truest, highest, purest version of ourselves. It was a very eye-opening moment as I realized I wasn’t perfect and had a lot to focus on.

Following that, Laila Ali came to speak about transforming our lives. Her period of transformation was her boxing career. Laila said she had to bet on herself because she didn’t have the support of her father, the GOAT- Muhammed Ali. That was one of the biggest gems I took away from this day. I am not always going to have the support from the ones I love, but no matter what, I have to do what I feel is best for me.

Following Laila, we moved into a moment of meditation. The Spectrum Center was almost co completely quiet. In that moment I realized the importance of taking a break and knowing it is okay to do so. Shortly after, we broke for lunch which was catered by Panera Bread. During this time, there were different wellness stations open on the concourse such as Weight Watchers, Vaseline, Degree and Love, Beauty and Planet.

We came back from our lunch break and the dance party continued with Knrgy, a dance fitness group led by Julianne Hough. The dance movements focused on different elements: air, water, and fire. We recited affirmations allowing our thoughts to flow from our mind to our body, discovering our superpowers. The energy this group brought into the room was simply amazing.

The day wrapped with Oprah and Amy Schumer having a conversation centered around marriage, motherhood, and career. It was moving to see Amy be so vulnerable as she talked about the recent difficulties she faced with IVF. She was her true self, showing up in sweats, sneakers, and no makeup. I laughed and connected to her story.

I picked up so many gems spending the day with my Aunt Oprah, but the four takeaways would be:

  • Stay in your lane. Focus on what you have going on and don’t be swayed by what others are doing.

  • Bet on yourself. Have faith in your dreams. Even if those closest to you do not support you, go after what you want.

  • Be Intentional. Make sure there is a reason for everything you do and that it is aligned with your vision.

  • Mantra: I Can! I Will! Watch ME!

With Love,


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