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Hot Girl Summer or Soft Girl Summer

We are officially 25 days away from summer.  Let’s face it. It doesn’t feel like summer with this crazy tale weather.   It is currently 77 degrees and raining.  CRAZY!!  Anyway, I am very much looking forward to the summer months.  As much as I hate the heat, I love what summer brings. It is normally a time for more travel, family gatherings, Sunday Fundays (pool parties), and sexy summer rooftop date nights.  I am debating if it will truly be a hot girl summer or a soft girl summer for me.  LOL

Hot girl summer is defined as a carefree and confident attitude embraced by women, encouraging them to have fun, be self-assured, and prioritize their own happiness during the summer season.

From the website Medium, a soft girl summer is loosely defined as a summer embracing your femininity. It includes brunches and carefree vacations, but it is still so much more. A soft girl summer is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, eliminating worries and stressors, and slowing down to enjoy life.

Based on definitions alone, I feel like I can mix the two together and have the best summer ever.  I plan to enjoy more brunches, let the sun rise wake me up instead of my alarm on the weekends, travel just to relax. I’m surprised how traveling just to relax resonates with so many people. Having many unplanned moments this summer is at the top of the list.  I will share said list after I check some things off. Just know activities range from having a full turn up to a staycation with no phone and only my Kindle.

I’m not looking forward to the heat. I’m just ready to be in the summer months, wearing those summer scents that only hit during that time of year.  My wardrobe will feature more bright colors. I may even try a few prints. I’m on a fitness journey so I’m praying the unbigging of my back happens during the summer. Even if I get one trip or weekend to celebrate it, I will be grateful!  Which one will you embrace this year: hot girl summer or soft girl summer??

With Love,



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