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October Came and Went!!!!

HEYYYY!!! Whew, I feel like the days are flying by and we are not sure why? I will have to say, October was the best month so far this year. It is my birthday month, but I feel like I was on a world tour for the entire month of October. As I look back over the month, I had a great time creating memories and also learned so much about myself.

I kicked off the month with celebrating my birthday LIBRA DIVA! I kicked it off in DC and then took an international trip. I was on go from the time I left my home in S.C. until I returned about 13 days later. I don’t regret not one thing about any of it. I ate great, enjoyed laughs, shopped like my life depended on it and was truly in the moment. I felt soooo much love this month, it really filled my cup to the point of overflow!

Being in the moment or being present was one thing that I noticed I did much more of this birthday. Yes, I have videos and took a few pics, but I literally had my phone down most of the time. I never really post in real times anyways(crazy world we live in) but this time I wasn’t really thinking about posting on social media. As I get older, I am really focused on creating memories and curating the life I want to live. If I don’t want to I don’t and if I do then I will (in JTs voice).

After my birthday travel, it kicked off homecoming season. I attended my high school homecoming and this year was interesting, I will leave it at that. I ended the month with some travel for work, that consisted of presentations, all day meetings, and team building activities.

October was such a good time, with the weather change and me truly having nothing to worry or complain about all month was literally a breath of fresh air that I desperately needed. This month I realized that I truly enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures, I love all things fashion, I love time with myself, I enjoy being around good energy, creating memories and expressing so much gratitude to God. Many times throughout my trip or really on the flight at take off, I would become extremely emotional, thanking God for allowing me to have these experiences and share them with the ones I love the most.

If I don’t tell you do anything else, I would say take some time being in the moment no thoughts on what is going on. It is life changing.

Major shoutout to my sistie during this month, she was with the sh***, literally down for whatever as long as she had her charger. LOL

With Love,



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