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The Show Must Go On,

Friends, as if 2020 was not already a rough one, the Universe said let me throw something else into the mix. We are family (and you read my last post) so you know I had my entire week planned. I was checking things off my to-do list and getting ish done. Then BOOM! Thanks to Tropical Storm Zeta, I had a power outage. Why Lord!?!?! On that particular day, I had my final class for my designation. The rule for this class was fairly simple, if you are absent, you fail. I also had meetings scheduled for this particular day. Your girl was FRAZZLED!!! Immediately, I went into panic mode. Quickly, I had to gather myself and come up with a game plan, admitting to myself, panicking would get me nowhere. I said Listen Linda! If the power didn't come back on, go to a hotel. Luckily it didn't have to come to that. The lights came back on, I completed my class and attended my meetings.

That temporary outage allowed me to really be tested to see just how prepared I really was, not in a literal mindset but mentally. The outage was totally something out of my control. The quick lesson in that was to control my controllables. Life is crazy we see that on a daily basis, but one thing for sure we can control how we respond or in my case overreact. The things that you can control should bring you some level of peace and/or happiness. It may have taken a minute, but I did pretty good with pivoting in the moment to make sure my day wasn't completely off track. Oh and guess what? I received my designation!! AMEN! I actually did better than I thought. That is my challenge to all of us as we close out 2020, control how you respond to life happenings. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

I hope your week goes smoother than mine did. If not, take a deep breath and be prepared to pivot. The show must go on. Might as well get in formation to make it the best that you can!

With Love,



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