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Well, Damn!

*taps mic* Is this thing on? Allow me to reintroduce myself. I know, I know. My last post was Feb. 2022. Why the long absence? With the rise of TikTok and YouTube, I wondered if blogging was dead. I stopped but I kept thinking about just writing, because it was what I enjoy doing. So here we are, knocking the dust off of the website and getting back into the swing of things. I’m refreshed, nervous, and excited.

Life Update:

Life has been quite eventful. There have been a good bit of highs and a fair share of lows. Many times I have said “well, damn” as it relates to certain events. I have learned so much about me and really embracing this new Krissy, whom I can’t wait to share with you! When I am not working and around family, I have tapped into traveling more. I was able to scratch the Eiffel Tower off my list, which has literally been a dream of mine since high school. I was able to see my girl Beyonce in Toronto! My goal is to travel internationally annually and to visit all 50 states with my travel partners, my sister and cousin Shannon. I know it will happen over the next few years. I’m trying to get it done in at least 2 yrs. We shall see. I’ve lost a few loves ones over the last year and half. Their deaths have been really hard to accept if I’m being honest. They say with time it becomes easier. That is yet to be seen. Anyway, overall life has been good! Extremely blessed and truly grateful.

What You Can Expect

You can expect a blog post every week, aiming for Sundays. I will continue to share my thoughts on life, recent events, fashion, interviews, travel, and trending topics. I am excited to kick off my blog, especially around my favorite season….FALL!

I hope you all are healthy and well!

Thanks for reading!



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